SI (Sacroiliac) joint pain can be a challenging and debilitating condition that affects many individuals. It is located at the base of the spine where the sacrum and pelvis meet. The SI joint supports the upper body and transfers forces between the spine and lower extremities. However, when this joint becomes inflamed or experiences dysfunction, it can lead to discomfort, stiffness, and limited mobility.

Suppose you are someone who experiences SI joint pain. In that case, you understand the importance of finding relief and managing your symptoms effectively. While various treatment options are available, one often overlooked aspect is the impact of your seating arrangement. Sitting for prolonged periods can exacerbate SI joint pain, making it essential to have a chair that provides proper support, alignment, and adjustability.

This blog post will explore the 7 best chairs for SI joint pain. We’ll also discuss the key features to look for when selecting an ergonomic chair. We’ll delve into the benefits of ergonomic design, including lumbar support, cushioning, adjustability, and breathability. By the end of this blog post, you’ll better understand how the right chair can make a significant difference in managing SI joint pain. So, let’s dive in and discover the chairs that can help alleviate your SI joint discomfort and improve your quality of life.

Top Picks for SI Joint Pain: Reviewing the Best Chairs on the Market

Following are the 7 best chairs for SI joint pain

Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Executive Swivel Chair (Black)

Introducing our first choice, the Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Chair, rated as the #1 ergonomic office chair for individuals with SI joint pain. This exceptional chair combines style, comfort, and functionality to provide an unparalleled seating experience.

Chiropractors recommend the Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Chair for its spine-supporting qualities. It has customizable features, including adjustable headrests, armrests, and lumbar support. You can personalize the chair to relieve SI joint pressure and improve posture. Recline at various angles, adjust tilt tension and lock your preferred position. The chair has blade wheels for smooth and quiet mobility while protecting your floors. Its modern design makes it suitable for any workspace. Upgrade to the Oline ErgoPro for SI joint pain relief and all-day comfort.


  • Optimal reclining tension
  • The chair can roll easily over carpeted floors,
  • Easy assembly
  • Cool mesh fabric
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Non-adjustable headrest

Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

Introducing our Editor’s 2nd Choice for SI Joint Pain Relief – the Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair. It is designed to conform to your life. This chair offers advanced features and unparalleled comfort to enhance your work or play experience. With its innovative design and thoughtful engineering, the Ergo3D brings you the future of ergonomic seating right now.

Experience a customized fit with the Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair. Adjust the 4D Armrests and Lumbar System to suit your body’s needs. The Mesh Headrest and 3D Lumbar Support provide excellent comfort and back support. Stay relaxed and comfortable with the breathable ElastoMesh.

The chair is sturdy and durable, with a 5-Point Base and blade wheels for smooth movement. Enjoy the super-lounge recline feature for ultimate relaxation. Upgrade your seating experience and relieve SI joint pain with the Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair.


  • Comfortable for long hours of sitting
  • Promotes good posture
  • Alleviates pain
  • Highly customizable
  • Breathable nylon mesh material prevents sweating
  • Solid metal base for stability
  •  Easy assembly process


  • Not suitable for large guys above 6 ft

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

Now we’ll introduce our third recommended eco-friendly and functional chair. It is built with a Chrome/polypropylene base and nylon casters. It’s designed to be sustainable and long-lasting, with 97% recyclable components.

Achieve optimal support and comfort with the synchro-tilt mechanism and seat depth adjustment. The pneumatic cylinder ensures easy height adjustments for a personalized seating experience.

You can customize this chair with an adjustable back, seat cushion, and headrest. The 3-position tilt-lock and tension control allow you to find the perfect angle and recline for comfort.


  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Customizable adjustments
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The easy and quick assembly process
  • Solid construction


  • Not suitable for short people

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair is designed to provide reliable support and exceptional comfort. It makes it an ideal choice for individuals dealing with SI joint pain.

Its breathable mesh back keeps you cool and comfortable. Similarly, the passive lumbar support alleviates pressure on your lower back and promotes proper spinal alignment. The generously padded 6-inch thick mesh seat cushion ensures a cozy sitting experience all day.

Customize your seating with height-adjustable armrests and one-touch seat height adjustment. Enjoy effortless mobility with the 360-degree swivel feature, and find your preferred recline angle with the tilt and lock system.

The Articulate office chair is versatile for any office environment, whether it’s a computer desk or a workstation. Its five dual-wheel casters allow smooth movement over carpeted and hardwood floors.

Say goodbye to SI joint pain and embrace a comfortable and supportive seating experience with the Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair.


  • Excellent back support
  • Solid construction
  • Provides comfortable even after long work hours
  • Help reduce back pain
  • Stylish appearance


  • The chair is not suitable for larger individuals

SIHOO M57 Ergonomic Office Chair

Experience ultimate comfort and support with the SIHOO Ergonomic Chair. Designed with various adjustable features, this chair ensures a personalized fit for your body. The adjustable headrest allows you to tilt and find the perfect position for your neck easily. The lumbar support bracket can be adjusted for height and depth. It provides optimal support for your lower back. The 3D adjustable armrests offer versatility for different office tasks and preferences.

The backrest of the SIHOO chair can be adjusted from 90° to 126°, allowing you to find the most comfortable working position. The chair also features a 3.15-inch lift, enabling you to adjust the seat height according to your needs. With its 360° swivel function, you have the freedom to rotate and move effortlessly.

SIHOO prioritizes ergonomic design and is recommended by the Ergonomics Application Association. The chair’s design is based on a digital human body model. It ensures a close fit and releases spinal pressure. The flow waterfall arc seating design provides comfortable thigh support, enhancing your overall comfort during long hours of sitting.

The SIHOO chair offers high-quality materials for stability and durability. Its aluminum base and silent casters provide smooth and noiseless movement, while the double-back frame design ensures stability and longevity.

A team of professionals from various fields designs it. It includes experts in human body ergonomics, physiology, product design, and mechanical engineering; the SIHOO chair prioritizes comfort and safety. It undergoes rigorous safety and quality testing, meeting strict office chair standards.


  • Excellent price for the quality offered.
  • Durable materials.
  • Resistant and elastic mesh
  • Three levels of recline for added flexibility.
  • Adjustable cervical support
  • Decent and quiet wheels.
  • Decent height adjustment levels.


  • Difficulty in installing the wheels.

MCombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

The Power Lift Assistance Chair is specifically designed to provide relief and support for individuals experiencing SI joint pain. It offers several features aimed at enhancing comfort and mobility while minimizing stress on the back and knees.

One of the key features of this chair is its counter-balanced lift mechanism. A TUV-certified actuator operates it. This mechanism allows the entire chair to be smoothly lifted. It assists the user in standing up without exerting additional pressure on the back or knees. The lift function can be easily adjusted to the desired position by pressing two buttons on the remote control.

The chair is constructed with comfort and durability in mind. It features overstuffed padding, a backrest with a sense of gentle support, and built-in springs in both the back and seat areas. The pillowtop arms add extra comfort and relaxation. The cloth material used is treated to provide a silky and elastic feel.

Convenience is also a priority with this chair. It is equipped with dual USB charging ports to keep your devices charged while seated. Additionally, there are dual side pockets for storing small items within easy reach and two cup holders on the armrests for added convenience.


  • Supportive and comfortable
  • Possess lift mechanism
  • Easy assembly
  • Reclining angle of 140°, allowing for comfortable positioning.


  • Only suitable for height range of 5’1  “-5’9”.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

Experience unparalleled customization with our office chair, designed to provide optimal support and relief for your SI joint pain. Unlike other chairs, we offer a wide range of recline angles with our second adjustment lever, ensuring personalized comfort that suits your needs.

Stay cool and comfortable with the breathable mesh back, allowing excellent air circulation and preventing excessive sweating. This chair also features fully adjustable lumbar support to address back issues and promote a supported posture.

Invest in your comfort and well-being with the Best Chair for SI Joint Pain.


  • Affordable price
  • Highly
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Easy installation with clear instructions
  • Sturdy construction
  • Rollerblade caster wheels
  • Back pain relieve


  • Limited mobility on low-pile rugs

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Key Features to Consider: What to Look for in a Chair for SI Joint Pain Relief

When searching for a chair that can relieve SI joint pain, it’s crucial to consider key features that promote proper support, comfort, and adjustability. By paying attention to these features, you can ensure that your chair effectively alleviates SI joint discomfort. It allows you to maintain a healthy sitting posture. Here are the key features to look for:

Ergonomic Design:

Opt for a chair specifically designed with ergonomic principles in mind. Look for lumbar support, adjustable seat height, and backrest that promote proper spinal alignment. An ergonomic chair ensures that your SI joint is supported and properly aligned, reducing the strain on the joint.

Lumbar Support:

The lower back region, including the SI joint, requires adequate support to alleviate pain and maintain a healthy posture. Choose a chair with built-in lumbar support that can be adjusted to fit the natural curve of your lower back. This feature helps relieve pressure on the SI joint and promotes proper alignment.

Adjustable Seat Height:

A chair with adjustable seat height ensures your feet rest flat on the floor. It promotes proper alignment of your hips and reduces strain on the SI joint. Look for a chair that allows you to adjust the seat height to match your needs quickly.


Comfortable cushioning is vital to reduce pressure on the SI joint while sitting for extended periods. Look for a chair with sufficient padding in the seat and backrest to provide optimal support and comfort. Memory foam or high-density foam are excellent choices for cushioning materials.

Adjustable Armrests:

Properly positioned armrests can help alleviate strain on the SI joint and shoulders. Look for a chair with adjustable armrests that can be moved up, down, inward, or outward to support your arms comfortably while maintaining proper alignment.

Breathable Materials:

Sitting for long hours can cause discomfort and sweating. Choose a chair made with breathable materials, such as mesh or perforated fabric, allowing air circulation and heat dissipation. This feature helps keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Tilt and Recline Function:

A chair with a tilt and recline function allows you to adjust the backrest angle and recline the chair to find a comfortable position that relieves pressure on the SI joint. This feature provides flexibility and promotes dynamic sitting. It reduces the risk of stiffness and discomfort.


Consider the chair’s mobility features, such as smooth-rolling casters. It enables easy movement and reduces the strain on the SI joint when shifting positions or reaching for items within your workspace.

By prioritizing these critical features in your search for a chair, you can find one that offers optimal support, comfort, and adjustability for your SI joint pain relief.

The Benefits of Ergonomic Design: How Proper Support and Adjustability Can Alleviate SI Joint Discomfort

SI joint pain can be debilitating, affecting your daily activities and productivity. Finding a chair that offers proper support and adjustability is crucial for relieving SI joint discomfort and promoting overall well-being. This is where the benefits of ergonomic design come into play.

Optimal Support:

Ergonomic chairs are designed to support the body’s natural curves and alignment. When it comes to SI joint pain relief, proper support is essential. Ergonomic chairs often feature built-in lumbar support that helps maintain the natural curvature of the lower spine, including the SI joint area. This support alleviates pressure on the joint and reduces the risk of discomfort and pain.

Improved Posture:

Sitting for prolonged periods can lead to poor posture. It can aggravate SI joint pain. Ergonomic chairs are designed to promote good posture by aligning the spine properly. They often feature adjustable seat heights, backrests, and armrests. It allows you to customize the chair’s configuration to fit your body and maintain a neutral spine position. An ergonomic chair can help reduce stress on the SI joint and alleviate pain by aligning your spine.

Adjustability for Individual Needs:

Every individual has unique body proportions and preferences. What works for one person may only work for one person. Ergonomic chairs offer a high level of adjustability. It allows you to tailor the chair to your specific needs. From adjustable seat height to armrest positioning, these chairs can be customized to provide the proper support and comfort for your SI joint.

Enhanced Comfort:

Comfort is crucial when dealing with SI joint pain. Ergonomic chairs are designed with comfort in mind, often featuring cushioned seats and backrests made from high-quality materials. The padding in these chairs helps distribute your weight evenly. It reduces pressure on the SI joint and provides a comfortable sitting experience. Additionally, ergonomic chairs often incorporate breathable materials to prevent overheating and promote airflow. They keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Promotes Movement and Flexibility:

Sitting in one position for too long can contribute to SI joint pain. Ergonomic chairs are designed to promote movement and flexibility. They allow you to adjust the chair’s position and encourage dynamic sitting. Chairs with tilt and recline functions enable you to shift your weight, change postures, and find a comfortable position that relieves pressure on the SI joint. This promotes blood circulation and prevents stiffness and discomfort.

Investing in an ergonomic chair with proper support and adjustability can make a significant difference in managing SI joint pain. These chairs prioritize your comfort, promote good posture, and alleviate pressure on the SI joint, allowing you to work or engage in activities with reduced discomfort.


In conclusion, finding the best chair for SI joint pain can enhance comfort and alleviate discomfort throughout the day. With careful consideration of key factors such as ergonomic design, lumbar support, adjustability, breathability, and durability, you can make an informed choice that caters to your needs.

Investing in a chair that provides proper support and promotes healthy posture can significantly impact your overall well-being and productivity, whether working from home or in an office setting. It prioritizes your SI joint health is essential, and the right chair can make all the difference. Say goodbye to pain and hello to a more comfortable work experience with the perfect chair for SI joint pain relief.


What is SI joint pain?

SI joint pain refers to discomfort or pain in the sacroiliac joint. It is located in the lower back where the sacrum and ilium bones meet. It can cause pain in the lower back and buttocks and sometimes radiates down the legs.

Can a chair help with SI joint pain?

Yes, a properly designed chair can support and alleviate SI joint pain. Chairs with ergonomic features, such as adjustable lumbar support, proper cushioning, and customizable settings, can help maintain a neutral spine position and reduce strain on the SI joint.

What should I look for in a chair for SI joint pain relief?

When selecting a chair for SI joint pain relief, consider ergonomic design, lumbar support, adjustability (including seat height and tilt), cushioning, and breathability. These factors contribute to proper support and comfort for your SI joint.

How vital is lumbar support for SI joint pain?

Lumbar support plays a crucial role in SI joint pain relief. Adequate lumbar support helps maintain the natural curve of the lower spine. It reduces stress on the SI joint and promotes proper alignment.

Are mesh-backed chairs beneficial for SI joint pain?

Mesh-backed chairs can be beneficial for SI joint pain. They promote airflow and help regulate body temperature, preventing excessive heat buildup. This can contribute to overall comfort, especially during extended periods of sitting.

How long should a chair for SI joint pain last?

The durability and longevity of a chair can vary depending on its quality and usage. Look for chairs made from high-quality materials and with sturdy construction. Chairs with warranties of at least a few years provide reassurance of their durability.

Can I alleviate SI joint pain without using a unique chair?

While a chair designed for SI joint pain relief can significantly help, there are other measures you can take to alleviate discomfort. These include practicing good posture, taking regular breaks to stretch and move, using lumbar support pillows, and engaging in exercises that strengthen the core and pelvic muscles.

Should I consult a healthcare professional for SI joint pain?

Suppose you experience persistent or severe SI joint pain. In that case, consulting with a healthcare professional such as a physical therapist or orthopedic specialist is advisable. They can diagnose properly, recommend specific exercises or treatments, and offer personalized guidance based on your needs.

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