Bodyfriend Davinci massage chair
Bodyfriend Davinci massage chair


Massage chairs have long been associated with the older generation seeking relaxation and pain relief. However, South Korea’s leading massage chair manufacturer, Bodyfriend, is revolutionizing the industry by launching their innovative Davinci massage chair.

This cutting-edge chair uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to analyze users’ body composition and provides highly customized massage options. Not only does Davinci cater to the needs of younger generations, but it also offers advanced features such as body composition tracking, a mobile tablet interface, and a striking supercar-inspired design. Join us as we explore the groundbreaking features and potential impact of Bodyfriend’s Davinci chair, which signifies a new era in massage chairs.

Body Composition Analysis for a Personalized Massage Experience:

Traditional massage chairs have offered preset massage programs, leaving users with limited options for customization. However, Bodyfriend’s Davinci chair breaks this mold by integrating bioelectrical impedance analysis. This method involves passing a small electrical current through the body to estimate muscle and body fat composition. The Davinci chair categorizes users into nine different body types by analyzing the results. It ensures a personalized massage experience tailored to individual needs.

The Three-Tiered Massage Options:

Based on the analysis of users’ body composition, the Davinci massage chair provides three distinct massage options. These options are designed to address specific areas of concern and maximize the therapeutic benefits of the chair. Whether users require deep tissue relief, relaxation, or targeted muscle recovery, the Davinci chair offers a comprehensive range of massage programs to suit their preferences.

Monitoring Body Composition Changes:

The Davinci massage chair takes massage technology to the next level by incorporating Inbody technology and LED hand massage. As the first of its kind, Davinci offers users the unique feature of body composition analysis during their full body massage.

With the help of Bodyfriend’s AI system, the chair analyzes the user’s body composition from the InBody scan and utilizes this information to recommend the most suitable massage program. With a wide selection of 80 different massage modes, Davinci ensures a personalized and effective massage experience based on the individual’s needs and body composition analysis. Moreover, this analysis can be utilized daily to assist users in maintaining their overall health and well-being.

Seamless Control and Accessibility:

The Davinci chair offers unparalleled control and accessibility. It is equipped with an 8.7-inch mobile tablet. You can conveniently check your body composition data. You can also review massage options and adjust the chair’s settings through the intuitive interface. The mobile tablet acts as a centralized control panel. It provides a user-friendly and seamless experience.

Aesthetic Appeal and Collaboration with Italdesign:

To appeal to a wider customer base, Bodyfriend collaborated with Italdesign. It is an esteemed Italian design and engineering company that creates a visually stunning and modern chair designs. The Davinci massage chair draws inspiration from the aesthetics of supercars, blending functionality with elegance. This innovative design approach enhances the overall user experience and adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Targeting the Physically Active:

Bodyfriend designed the Davinci chair specifically for individuals leading physically active lives. In contrast to their previous massage chair, Phantom Medical Care, targeted minor neck muscle pain. By understanding the importance of effective recovery and relaxation after intense physical activity, Bodyfriend developed the Davinci chair. It caters to the needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking relief from post-workout muscle tension.

Strategic Expansion Plans:

Bodyfriend has ambitious goals for the Davinci chair. It aims to sell 10,000 units annually, contributing to nearly 10 percent of its total revenue. In addition to the chair’s impressive features, the company is considering a strategic shift in its overseas expansion. Recognizing the challenges faced while opening new stores directly in overseas markets, Bodyfriend plans to collaborate with local dealers to accelerate its business expansion. This approach will enable the company to tap into local expertise and establish a stronger presence in international markets more efficiently.

Conclusion :

Bodyfriend’s launch of the Davinci massage chair marks a significant milestone in the evolution of massage chairs. With its incorporation of bioelectrical impedance analysis, personalized massage options, body composition tracking, and sleek supercar-inspired design, the Davinci chair offers an unrivaled massage experience. By appealing to younger generations and physically active individuals, Bodyfriend has expanded the market reach of massage chairs beyond the traditional customer base. The strategic collaboration with Italdesign highlights the company’s commitment to aesthetics and innovation.

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