When it comes to making education inclusive, giving students the proper assistance and comfortable seating is essential. The Rifton Compass Chair is a creative solution addressing this need. It is specially made for students who require minimal support. The Compass Chair has supportive features and a stylish design. It can also easily fit into any classroom setting, providing safety and comfort. In this blog, we’ll explore this inclusive chair’s impressive characteristics and advantages.

Supportive Design and Comfort:

The Compass Chair is thoughtfully crafted to provide the optimal support students require. Its sturdy armrests and stable frame ensure stability. At the same time, the height-adjustable feature allows for precise positioning to accommodate users of different ages and sizes. The seat and back of the chair feature a non-slip texture, offering an additional layer of security. This supportive design helps students feel secure and comfortable. It promotes their engagement and focus during classroom activities.

Creating Sensory Boundaries:

For children with sensory needs, having gentle boundaries can significantly contribute to their emotional and sensory security. The Compass Chair addresses this requirement through its raised sides and armrests. It offers physical borders that provide a sense of reassurance and containment. This feature is particularly beneficial for students with autism spectrum disorder, as it helps create a safe and calming environment for learning.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

One of the remarkable aspects of the Compass Chair is its adaptability. It’s available in five different sizes. It caters to a wide range of users, from small children to adults. The adjustable legs allow for fine-tuning the chair’s height, ensuring optimal positioning for individual students. This flexibility ensures every student can find a comfortable and supportive seating arrangement.

Durability for Continuous Movement:

Some students exhibit movement-seeking or sensory-seeking behavior, which calls for a chair that can withstand continuous rocking movements. The Compass Chair is designed and tested to meet this requirement. Its extreme durability allows students with vestibular or tactile hyposensitivity to engage in the necessary movements while maintaining a safe and stable seating experience.

Aesthetics and Integration:

Classroom furniture should blend seamlessly into the learning environment without drawing undue attention. The Compass Chair excels in this aspect with its calming blue color and minimalist design. Its elegant construction makes it visually appealing. It ensures that it effortlessly integrates with other classroom chairs. By reducing the focus on differences, the Compass Chair promotes inclusivity and creates a welcoming atmosphere for all students.

Accessories for Enhanced Support:

To further enhance safety and postural support, the Compass Chair offers additional accessories. A seat belt can be clipped into the chair when needed, providing an extra layer of security for specific users. Rifton also provides a unique pelvic harness as an alternative to a traditional seat belt. This harness secures a student’s hips and upper thighs without exerting pressure on the abdomen, creating a secure and comfortable base for correct posture.


Inclusive education requires thoughtful consideration of the needs of all students. The Compass Chair by Rifton stands out as an exceptional inclusion chair. It is designed to provide mildly involved students with the necessary support and comfort. With its supportive seat, sturdy armrests, and stable frame, the Compass Chair ensures a secure and comfortable experience. Its adaptability, durability, and aesthetic appeal make it an ideal choice for creating an inclusive classroom environment. By embracing the Compass Chair, educators can foster an environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential.


What is the Compass Chair?

The Compass Chair is an inclusion chair designed by Rifton. It is specifically created to support and comfort mildly involved classroom students.

What are the key features of the Compass Chair?

The Compass Chair features a supportive seat, sturdy armrests, and a stable frame. It is height-adjustable to accommodate users of different ages and sizes. The seat and back have a non-slip texture for added security. The chair also includes raised sides and armrests for sensory boundaries and emotional security.

What sizes are available for the Compass Chair?

The Compass Chair is available in five sizes, ranging from small children to adults. This ensures that users of various ages and body sizes can find an appropriate fit.

Can the Compass Chair withstand continuous movement?

The Compass Chair is designed and tested to withstand continuous rocking movements. This makes it suitable for students with movement-seeking or sensory-seeking behavior.

Are there additional accessories available for the Compass Chair?

Yes, Rifton offers optional accessories for the Compass Chair, such as a seat belt for safety or postural support when needed. They also provide a unique pelvic harness that secures the hips and upper thighs without pressure on the abdomen.

How does the Compass Chair contribute to inclusive education?

The Compass Chair promotes inclusion by providing students with the necessary support and comfort to feel secure in the classroom. Its design addresses the needs of mildly involved students. It ensures they have a supportive and inclusive seating option.

Is the Compass Chair suitable for students with autism spectrum disorder?

Yes, the Compass Chair is beneficial for students with autism spectrum disorder. The raised sides and armrests create gentle boundaries that provide emotional and sensory security.

Can the Compass Chair be adjusted for optimal positioning?

Yes, the Compass Chair is height-adjustable, allowing for fine-tuning to achieve optimal positioning for individual students. The front and rear legs can be adjusted separately.

What is a Rifton chair used for?

Rifton chairs/Compass chairs are used as adaptive positioning chairs for individuals with mild to moderate disabilities. They are particularly beneficial for providing supportive seating and postural control in the classroom, daycare, and therapy settings. Rifton chairs help promote proper alignment, engagement, and comfort during various activities, including circle time, table activities, therapy sessions, and more.

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